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website design east kilbride
website design east kilbride
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Content Management

What is Content Management

Content management, as the name suggests, is the set of processes and technologies that support the collection, managing, and publishing of information in any form or medium, in our case, on your website. Content may take the form of text, such as documents, multimedia files, such as audio or video files, or any other file type which follows a content lifecycle which requires management.

Why use a Content Management System?

Good quesations. The main benefit from having a content managemnt system is that it allows people with no technical or web authoring skills to manage and maintain the content of your webiste. If you had a web developer in house, they would simply update the content directly in the source files and publish that on your site.

However, most companies do not have that internal resource or expertise, so they opt for a Content Management System (CMS).

Which CMS should I choose?

Given that there are literally dozens of free CMS sytems online that you can download, which one should you choose? That really depends on your skill set or the relationship you have with your developer. Many of the systems available, whilst they do not need technical knowledge to run them, require a certain amount of expertise and knowledge of each particular application to get them up and running.

At SME Websites we do not use any of the proprietary systems available as we believe that this limits our customers freedom of choice of preferred supplier in the future, i.e. they would need to find someone with specific skills in the CMS used.

Instead we use an industry standard MySql database supported with php pages. Using this combination also allows the system to be hosted on either windows or linux servers, providing as much flexibilty as possible for our customers, whilst providing all the benefits of a CMS.

We do however use a proprietary plugin called TinyMCE. This provides the unskilled user with a wysiwyg interface, much like Microsoft word (without the bugs of course!). A user can create content and format it using simple selection tools to achieve the desried look, e.g. change font size, create headings, bold, underline, insert images, position text, etc.

The combination og TinyMCE and php provides the user with all the tools they require to maintain the content of their website with no technical knowledge, whilst the entire system relies on industry standard coding, allowing the owner to pick and choose a preferred supplier or hosting company.

If you would like a no obligation consultation on content management (CMS) contact us at to discuss your website requirements.


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