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Website Services

SME Websites offer a full range of services associated with the design, construction and maintenance of a website, including:

Domain Name Registration; Graphic Design; Website Content; Website Construction; Search Engine Optimisation; Website Hosting

Contact us at for further details, or to discuss your requirements.

Domain Name Registration

According to Yoda, the Star Wars Character, "Never underestimate the power of the domain name"

Using a website address which is part of a network is cumbersome and implies that you do not want to make enough of a commitment to website marketing to invest in obtaining your own permanent address.

Website domain names can now be registered through various companies with the majority charging less than £10 for a name for 2 years.

Selecting the extension (, com, .net, .biz) should reflect your type of business and the location of your customers. A .com website suggests a large company or global player, not what you should use if you are a local driving school!

Website Graphic Design

In addition to standard design and layouts, SME Websites provide a full website graphic design service. We will provide at least two graphic website design concepts, which are consistent with your current branding, and allow you to choose the most appropriate design.

Designing your own unique layout will ensure consistency with your other marketing activities and can often be more economical than altering templates.

Website Content

"Content is King" - one of those often used phrases for websites, but it is very true.

Having attracted visitors to your website, they will only stay and browse if you have something worthwhile to say or you can provide them with some valuable information.

SME Websites can assist you to develop the content for your website so that it is consistent with your marketing strategy and collateral and communicates your key messages. Our in-house professional marketeer will show you the do’s and don’ts of good copy.

Website Construction

Recognised good practice within website development suggests that a visitor should be able to find key information within three clicks. We will construct your website to ensure that your key messages are prominent and that visitors can view important information quickly and easily.

The number of pages will be determined primarily by the content and the marketing messages. The design of each page will be consistent to ensure that navigation is simple and the visitor does not get confused or lost.

All of our websites are constructed to be fully compliant with the latest Internet Guidelines, WAI and W3C.

Search Engine Optimisation

Want to get a top ranking in search engines? No problem! All you need to do is add a few magical "meta tags" to your website, and you’ll skyrocket to the top of the listings.

If only it were so easy. There are three things you should know about Meta Tags:

Meta tags have never been a guaranteed way to gain top ranking on crawler-based search engines. In fact, many of the top search engines now ignore Meta Tags. The key, excuse the pun, is to choose the key words that are most appropriate for you business and use them throughout the site.

SME Websites will help you to identify those key words and use them in the most appropriate way throughout the website. View our website optimisation section for more details.

Website Hosting

Having done the hard work, the final piece in the jigsaw is to Host the website.

SME Websites offer various hosting packages depending on your requirements and website construction. You can choose between Windows and Linux servers; whether you require SMTP services; whether you use MySql, PHP, ASP, CGI or Perl scripting; The choices are many and varied......but SME Websites will assist you to cut through the clutter and identify the most suitable package for you.

Typically hosting of websites can be achieved for £75 per annum, including unlimited email service.

However, should you have an existing hosting service which you are satisfied with, SME Websites can upload your new website to that service.

If you would like a no obligation consultation on website design or website maintenance contact us at to discuss your website requirements.


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